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President Obama has upheld his promises to the country, and followed through on initiatives despite antagonistic efforts to block his progressive new bills and laws. We Democrats are proud to note how he has pursued his goals diligently, even in the face of irrational bipartisanship on all fronts.

He brought to the White House, an agenda that benefits all Americans, and followed through on his promises even while waging a second-term election campaign that succeeded despite the opposition's ungrounded, unsubstantiated accusations against his character, his background, and misrepresentation of simple facts and statistics. President Obama has stood tall and unblinking and we Democrats could not have envisioned, or asked for, a more competent, classy American leader, if we had scripted this fairytale ourselves.

Let us use this page to outline and reinforce this remarkable man's program and accomplishments, so you can better defend his credibility and commitment over cocktails and dinner with friends and family who may have differing views from ours. An informed argument has a much more positive, and lasting effect on our opposition than if we are to engage in negative barbs, laced with unresearched statistics based on digitally enhanced photographs, posters, and hysterical comments that lead nowhere, and do no good for either side of the political spectrum.

Please read on for more details on how we as a people have benefited from this man's service to his country.

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Obama in 2012 Date: 2014-05-27 Tuesday
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