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Voting Rights
  • The right to vote is guaranteed for each citizen.

  • We should provide maximum opportunities for each citizen to vote through accommodations for disabled persons and expansion of voting places and hours, e.g., early voting, county-wide precincts.

  • Registering to vote and obtaining voter identification should be free and easily understood procedures.


Economic Equity
  • Each willing and able worker should be able to find employment which will pay them a living wage.

  • Those who are truly unable to work will be provided assistance to ensure them a physically secure, healthy life.


  • Each person is entitled to a free education which will enable them to contribute fully as a citizen.

  • The quality of an education provided in South Carolina should be competitive, not simply adequate.

  • Schools achievement should be evaluated against regularly-updated standards which ensure that South Carolina businesses and other institutions are internationally competitive.

  • Where local resources are lacking to guarantee each child a competitive education, the wider state and national community should provide requisite resources.


Health Care
  • All citizens have a right to affordable health care. Adequate resources should be provided to ensure that right.

  • Women have a right to decide whether or not to bear children. Governments should not interfere.

  • Protection of human health requires government regulation and enforcement through agencies ranging from local health departments to federal agencies such as the FDA, the CDC, and the EPA.


Environment and Climate Change
  • Our government, and we as individuals, must minimize risks to the environment from human-caused action, including pollution, over-consumption, and habitat destruction.

  • Global warming is a major risk to the human and natural world and is acknowledged by the majority of the scientists. Successfully facing this risk requires that we recognize it and join in addressing it.

  • Our local environment is particularly at risk and we must do all possible to maintain its natural beauty and economic viability.


  • We must ensure a pathway to citizenship to those who are here and are willing to work toward economic success and cultural affinity in our state and country, just as we did in the 1800s and 1900s.


  • Each person, regardless of their race, gender, religion, age, and sexual orientation is worthy of respect and should be provided equal protection and opportunity under our laws.

  • Judicial and legislative actions should be taken, when necessary, to achieve this goal.

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