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We are a social club of liberally-minded, progressive-thinking individuals who come together to: enjoy each other’s company; discuss current events and issues; engage in political activity in various ways, such as demonstrations, literature distribution, and public outreach programs; volunteer to support Democratic campaigns and Democratic candidates; support the BCDP; communicate new and pending legislation to citizens in open forums; help newcomers to South Carolina register to vote; inform and educate new citizens and young adults about pending legislation that will effect them directly and indirectly; sponsor public information events, such as panel discussions, speaker luncheons, movies, as well as enlightening and explanatory presentations on topical issues to voters; and, hold social activities such as a Holiday brunch and a summer picnic.

Committed wholly to a transparent, inclusive, and democratic, political ideal, we aspire to be accessible and available to those who want to participate in the democratic process, and to new voters, who may have questions or concerns regarding United States of America government mandates. Understanding the interests of all citizens, is a large part of our mission, and we encourage diversity with regards to civil, women, immigrant, and all human rights.

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