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There are many ways to volunteer during the elections and beyond.

BCDP Training Institute Sessions
on Running for Office

In 2022, there will be many opportunities to run for political offices. The Beaufort County Democratic Party is offering a series of training opportunities for those interested in running for elected office.

This first session (offered on 3 different dates) will answer some of the most asked questions about running for office such as what positions in the state, county, and towns are up for election in 2022 and what should you know to make an informed decision about running for office. This training is also useful for those who are interested in working on a campaign or getting further involved with elections. This “nuts and bolts” session will include reviewing a checklist of how to prepare for announcing a run for political office as well as ample time for questions and answers.


This Session will be offered on the following dates:
(All Classes are Virtual and will be by Zoom)

Sat, Jun 5, 10:00am–11:30am EDT
Wed, Jun 23, 11:30am–1:00pm EDT
Wed, Jul 7, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm EDT

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Topics Covered in What You Need To Know About Running for Office in Beaufort County

  • What positions are up for election in 2022 (State, County, and municipalities) and what are the requirements for each office?

  • What should I consider before making a decision to run for political office?

  •  How should I determine what office I want to run for?

  • How do I register my campaign and make it official?

  • Check List of To Do’s before you announce your candidacy.

  • Starting to develop your messaging, organizing volunteers, and creating a campaign budget.

  • Calculating your win number (the number of votes to need to win).

  • How much money do I need to raise?

  • Resources For Candidates in Beaufort County

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Join the Democratic Club SOB for social and political events.


4/13/21 Luncheon Meeting - Joe Cunningham, our former Representative for the US House.

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3/23/21 Evening Meeting - Monica Davy is an attorney and recognized expert in Diversity and Inclusion.

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Presentation Video  Starts at 17 min, 15 sec.

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We need to start fundraising to ger ready for the next election! Dining With Dems is a lot of fun and a very important piece of our fundraising. You can help by volunteering to host a Dining With Dems event at your home. If you are interested, please use our Contact Form and Sally Nicastre will contact you.

We would really love to host some of these events in Bluffton. If you are one of our Bluffton supporters, we hope you will consider volunteering.  

The Beaufort County Politics page includes maps of all relevant electoral districts in Beaufort County as well as a list of all incumbents in most elected positions in the County.

Information about voting in Beaufort County includes how to register to vote, how to vote in person or absentee in person or by mail.

Several months before each election, the League of Women Voters website, VOTE411.COM, assembles excellent information about all candidates in national and local elections. You can compare the candidates' positions on a variety of issues and build a personalized sample ballot.