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South of the Broad
Democratic Club


There are many ways to volunteer during the elections and beyond.  


Please consider hosting a "Dining with Dems" fundraiser at your home. 


Become a member and join with other progressive individuals for our future.

SOB Democratic Club
March Speaker Meeting
Tuesday, March 22, 2024
11:30 am
Shavonne Vasquez.png
Shavonne Vasquez, BSW
Circles Chapter Manager
WiseGuys Restaurant
1513 Main Street, Hilton Head Island

Shavonne Vasquez, BSW, is the Hilton Head Island Chapter Manager for Deep Well's Circles program. Circles is a proven national program that can provide the support those in poverty need to become independent, more skilled, and better able to manage their lives and finances. Please join us and learn about this game-changing program.

You can choose from two lunch options, Chicken Parmesan or Wild Mushroom Risotto. Member price is $35, Non-members, $40. Make your reservation now by clicking on the red button above. The reservation deadline is Friday, March 1st by 5 pm.

About Shavonne Vasquez

Shavonne was born into a family plagued by generations of poverty. She knows what it’s like to receive used toys for Christmas, rely on free food, live in public housing, and navigate high-crime neighborhoods. She tells us her family was undereducated, lacked opportunities, and experienced barriers they just didn’t understand how to overcome. 

Fortunately, Shavonne met people who inspired her to go to college. She earned a BA in Business Administration and a BSA in Social Work. She has been working to help underprivileged populations ever since. She has seen how vital external influences are in breaking a cycle of poverty.


The 2024 election will be very interesting and very challanging. Mark your calendars now for important election dates and geat events from SOB Democratic Club to keep you energized. 

We are exploring new locations for our in-person meetings and events in an effort to keep the luncheon prices under $40. we look forward to your feedbak on the new venues.

Approximately 30 days before each event everyone on our mailing list will recieive an invitation to register. We hope you will join us as a member but it is not required for most events.

Mark your calendars now *​​​

  • February 13th - 5:30 pm, Mardi Gras Event, Sea Pines Community Center

  • February 17th - SOBDC Workshop - Organizing for the 2024 Elections 10 - 12 AM Beach and Tennis Club Hilton Head. All are invited.

  • March 2nd - Beaufort County Democratic Party Convention, 10 AM  at Rotary Community Center, Bluffton

  • March 12th - Speaker Luncheon 11:30 am at WiseGuys. The speaker is  Shavonne Vasquez, Circles Chapter Manager at Deep Well Project. 

  • March 23rd - SOBDC Workshop, Deep Canvassing in Gated Communities 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM Place TBD, All are invited.

  • April 9th - Speaker Luncheon 11:30 am,  John Newman, MD, FACS, Executive Director, Volunteers in Medicine.

Important Election Dates

  • January 4 - Voter registration deadline for the Democratic Presidential Primary

  • January 25 - Voter registration deadline for Republican Presidential Primary

  • February 3 - Democratic Presidential Primary

  • February 24 - Republican Presidential Primary

*Speakers and times are still subject to change.


The Beaufort County Politics page includes maps of all relevant electoral districts in Beaufort County as well as a list of all incumbents in most elected positions in the County.

Information about voting in Beaufort County includes how to register to vote, how to vote in person on election day, vote early or absentee by mail.

Several months before each election, the League of Women Voters website,, assembles excellent information about all candidates in national and local elections. You can compare the candidates' positions on a variety of issues and build a personalized sample ballot.


We need to start fundraising to ger ready for the next election! Dining With Dems is a lot of fun and a very important piece of our fundraising. You can help by volunteering to host a Dining With Dems event at your home. If you are interested, please use our Contact Form and we will contact you.

We would really love to host some of these events in Bluffton. If you are one of our Bluffton supporters, we hope you will consider volunteering.  

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